ets2 roleplay la jan de Rijk

🏆Hello friends, I’m Emanuel and I do this Youtube with pleasure, let’s play together on any of the games I own, we always see each other in force with episodes🏆 ✔️If you like what you see you can leave me a LIKE, SUBSCRIBE if a SHARE! ✔️ ╠► ╔►Discord channelTtddiscord.ggpwz476z3 ╠►CWL_TwL = Instagram channelhttpswww.instagram.commanu_stoica_2008 ╚►Steamhttpssteamcommunity.comprofiles76561199185144837 ⛔RULES 1. The 7 years at home 2. No swearing friendship requests. (valid for all games) 3. No links. 4. No nonsense spam. 5. No request …

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