Last Day on Earth Survival Mode APK 1.18.9 (MENU MOD)

Last Day Survival Mod Apk 1.18.9 on Earth It is the coldest recovery in the world after an unknown infection. Mankind is about to be destroyed, and blood-thirsty mutations are now roaming the earth. This problem has created a new model in fashion, which has created a large number of clones from different major quality regions. The incredible recognition of the uniqueness comes from the online supply, so it’s completely different people, property collection, crafting, construction, base design, landscape assessment, performing tasks and all this with beautiful graphics, extensive updates. Last Day Survival APK Mode on Earth It is one of the most exciting symbols of salvation in the post-apocalyptic world, full of zombies, mutants, and a handful of survivors. You will find yourself among those who can survive, and your goal now is to make endless journeys in search of water, food, and medicine.

At first, your hero will have no clothes, no food, no tools. Take a deep look around and buy everything you find with your palms. Sticks, leaves, berries, stones and loads allow you to create completely different items. Later, it has the potential to completely protect the development from a variety of talented players, so that you can collect shelter from the zombies where you practice and sell all the resources at retail. It is responsible for the management of the sport, standard digital joystick and many different function buttons. The first is that you can change the sphere, and the latter are necessary to perform very few actions. Don’t forget to watch your hero succeed. If you like Survival Video Games and you can definitely spend many hours, you will definitely like this simulator.

Mod Apk Features

2. Premium unlock.
3. Bicycle skin open.
4. Weapons opened.
5. Blackmouth Gift (Build an ATV bike with one click and more).
6. The skin is open.
7. A hit.
9. Unlimited Sustainability.
10. Correction fixed.
11. Magic crack.
12. From 1st grade craft.
13. ITEM Duplication.
14. Free handicrafts.
15. Free building.
16. No construction requirements.
17. Free upgrade.
18. No standard requirements.
19. Fast travel.
20. No energy costs.
21. Fast movement.
22. Open all events.
23. Unlimited food water.
24. Fast Lot.
25. There is no standard skill requirement.
26. Unlimited Inbox item.

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